Why Your Problems Always Follow You

If you can’t seem to catch your breath, if your problems seem to follow you wherever you go, the issue isn’t your problems after all. It’s your perception.

Finding problems is what our brains do best because for thousands of years, it was necessary to survive. Now, solving problems may still be our job, but we have a lot more spare time.

That time is meant for us to enjoy. To breathe, appreciate life’s beauty, and recharge before tackling the next, big issue.

But often, we can’t turn off our “where’s the catch” filter. So we keep looking until we find one. And then we revel in our next round of misery.

Outside events hold no power over us in and of themselves. Whatever impact they have on our well-being is impact we have afforded them.

If you really want your problems to go away, you have to learn to see straight. To control your perceptions. Because in any situation, you can.

It’s the only real solution. It won’t make your life a walk in the park. But those problems that follow you? Most of them will just fall away.

Originally appeared on Quora.

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