What is your best piece of advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling with motivation?

  1. If you are here after adoring Flipkart, Amazon, Uber, aiming to grow at the speed of rocket, I am sorry it doesn’t work this way.
  2. Entrepreneurship is about madness to pursue your passion. Success, money, name are all by products which may or may not come by.
  3. I am assuring you that you will fail many more times than average people try in life.
  4. I guarantee you that at one point of time even your most foolish friend will get richer than you, if you are a bit insecure in life or have a habit of envying, please leave.
  5. You can be aggressive but you can’t be impatient, cost of impatience is quite high.
  6. If you are here to make quick bucks, I am sorry you have a seed with you, it can’t become a tree very soon and if proper care is not taken, it may easily die somewhere in between.
  7. When going for entrepreneurship, you must be motivated enough to not get demotivated by biggest of problems in your way, and if you think you will, better take a job and lead a happy and satisfied life.
  8. You don’t cry and regret on your failures, you learn as much as you can and move on as early as you can.
Laugh at your miseries, so that your success laughs on them later!
Answer originally appeared on Quora.


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