I want to become an entrepreneur, is business school worth it?

10 Differences between the business school and the entrepreneurial journey: Business school will teach us NOT to fail; failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Business school will teach us to sell our time; entrepreneurs invest their time. Business school will teach us to find a job; entrepreneurs create jobs. Business school will teach us … Read more

Three pieces of advice from Anubhav Jain to be successful.

1.       Listen and observe as much as possible. (तेज़नज़र) 2.      Be in action more than you think, plan and evaluate and keep expectations to bare minimum. (कर्मयोगी) 3.      Enjoy, appreciate, learn and stay unaffected from embarrassments created by failures in life. (बेशर्म)   Originally appeared on Quora.  

What societal trend should you avoid if you want to be successful?

With parents, it’s the widespread feeling of being “special”. It began with parents: “You are the best, you ONLY deserve the best. You are so so special.“ It’s a well-intended notion. But it is a deceptively damaging expression of love: Why? Because by definition – not everyone can be special. Not everyone can be the best. We … Read more